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WELCOME to PALANO Consulting!

Operating a business in the present economic environment is an incredibly stressful experience to manage.  Feeling overwhelmed induces further stress leading to increased pressure, which leads to indecisive or haste decisions for your business.  Many individuals want to start their own business but do not understand what is needed or where to start.  Professional sports franchises struggle to gain entertainment dollars, which are limited with many families.  Solving problems is the most persistent job in business, which is why you are here!

Coming to PALANO Consulting is the correct decision .  A partnership with PALANO Consulting will relieve the sense of being overwhelmed and stressed.  Our expertise will drive your business with our modern business strategies.  We have an experienced staff in small business operations as entrepreneurs.  PALANO is available to serve your needs.

PALANO's driving motivation is the entrepreneur.  We know that the lifeline of the United States is the small business owner.  It is with this knowledge that we lead our clients to success.  The firm's focus is on start-ups, small and mid size businesses, and professional sports franchises.  We invite you to take a few moments to look around our site.  This is a decision you will make feeling overwhelmed and stressed that you won't 

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